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OME - short for Oxymethylenethers

OME are an upcoming class of chemicals which are high-performance solvents and excellent fuels for internal combustion engines. They are a gas-to-liquid (GTL) option for the supply of diesel fuels ready to use in modern vehicles, especially in heavy-duty applications. Thereby, they combine two key advantages: one the one hand they burn almost soot-free and enable thereby low NOx and soot emissions without the need for expensive exhaust gas treatment. On the other hand, they are produced via the methanol route from a flexible feedstock including stranded natural gas, renewables, or even CO2 via the Power-2-OME concept. Thereby, they comply with the future requirements for the protection of the environment and slowing down the climate change by CO2 mitigation. As a liquid fuel with high energy density they do not suffer under the restrictions often given when talking about batteries and electric motors.

The suitability of OME as fuel has been demonstrated impressively in test racks using commercial engines where tremendous soot reduction was proven. One of the remaining challenges of a sustainable OME supply in the future is the large-scale industrial production of OME. With over 10 years of experience in production methods for OME and key intermediates in the OME value added chain, the team of OME Technologies offers cutting-edge OME technologies and data. Together with its partners the company aims at large-scale OME production in Europe. Services ranges from the supply of OME test fuel in ton scale to basic engineering of OME plants tailor-made for our customers’ infrastructure.